Wednesday, March 18, 2015


i am here again. staying at home by my own. well, im in the middle of struggling with myself. trying to reach the peace that i want the most.

yesterday, i was going out with mimi. a friend that ive known on my first day of the class. boleh kata sekepala la jugak. we speak out everything and me too. but  still, i cant move on. why?

what should  i do?

can i endure it and let go of everyhting?

i want  to..

and i hope so.

sometimes i was thinking , can i leaving all of these?

am i thinking too much?

why i bother so much? i should keep studying right? well, theres nothing to do if someone decide to not care anymore. shall i care?

you can do this ima. lets finish this and keep strong!

you must!

show the world who you are.

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