Saturday, March 11, 2017


14/2/2017. This date embark my end of journey in egypt and a starter for a new life that i've longing for. Graduating with bachelor of medicine and surgery was never cross in my mind as my study was extended for 1 year. Everyday just before the graduation is the most messy day ive ever had. Expecting that i will be extended,so i decided not to book a ticket and was hanging here and there. Surprisingly,i succeed with Allahs will. People might downgraded me even my close friend tell me that i wont succeed as i dint take any extra tuition class . I admit that my result is not so powerful as tbey are but still im proud of my self. I prove to them that i can get good result without extra classes. 1 month already from the graduation date, theres nothing beneficial that i did. My parents are asking me to get married but i cant.hey ,how can im find a spouse in this crucial time.?😂  So single is a big matter after my graduation. Lol. Let this matter burried then. Well,im planning of becoming a temporary teacher,at least ive got some money to cover up my finance but then i cant find any work availabkw till now. For those who need any assistant or know some job vacancy that related to my degree, please tell me and i will go to ur place. Contact me at


Thanks guys!