Thursday, February 19, 2015



after all, its just a fairytale. Everything look so dim even my light cant see through  where should i go. you are not certain , hesitating to move forward and leave me miserable. i control eveything to make sure nothing's go wrong. I pray a lot and do everything so that we can move on but if you still on your current state that will be nothing for me. All my efforts is in vain.

for how many times i told you im not ready but then you persuade, convince me that  everything will be not blaming you but if the answer is not certain why do you have to persuade like nothings go wrong. now, you left me untold..

do you know how much i try to convince myself that this is the last?. Do you know how hurt i am before this?. Do you know what ive been going through because of XY ?. Do you know how much effort that ive to put to forget all things that traumatized me? i made it in 8 months. Do you know how much my hope for you? hoping for you are not doing the same things. Thanks again .

how im going to put my belief after all of this. How im going to put my trust if you kept unrespond.
obviously, you are thinking of leaving instead of solving the problems and now you keep silence. Made me wondering all the things, and now you said it.



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