Wednesday, August 12, 2015

its final

Theres gonna be a long way to go beforw i reach my dream .its an uphill battle and sometimes i m gonna lose but the thing is whatever hardships thats coming through ive no choicw except to build my spirit and face it with dignity. Of course the preparation is already begun but maybe not well prepared so thats why i felt a bit of tachy.

Everyone are struggling so why not you?

Study hard study smart and go for it. No one can do better than you. You chose this path and dont let this path choose you. Its gonna be a bloody war between ypur oqn conscious and your subconscious but the one who pass thw test probably the one who will enjoyinh the beautiful moment.

Its okay if its hurt. Ita okay if you have to lose sleep but make it worth. You ve been through a lot this year and don t let anyone comes in between to break your enthusiasm. You know you can achieve your dream. Yeah you know you can. Make ypur parents proud imah.. Go goo...

Till then take care rima..

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