Saturday, April 11, 2015


so yesterday , it rains. i hate rains same as i hate winter. cold is an enemy to my body my soul my everything. i cant study during winter. everything messed up. i cant .bear coldness and i want to tell the whole world that i hate winter so much.. :(.

you know when your body cant accomodate well to the surrounding and it make you feel like you are the only who are sick and nobody cares about you.. yeah, spoil me.

this is the picture that ive taken after the rain go away. haha..sound like a song ha..its the view from my balcony. Well, the sky is so subahanallah.. i love seeing sky like this , blue and white. perfect combo bruh..  :)

fly fly to the sky..

oh no, i forgot to pick up my clothes..=_=..

see how the lumpur and lecak makes our day worst. anyone who wears stilletto at times like this shall think twice then. kalau tak arwah la stilleto dia..haha, i wear sneakers instead. you know what, sneaker and jubah is not a perfect combo but i like it the way they are.haha. dont judge me. im a terrible fashionista dan really , i dont care much.

that is life. when summer makes it entrance it will pour some rain so that everyone should get ready and welcoming it beautifully. How great Allah is. Rain can be bad and can be good. i hate it but maybe the farmers are waiting for it. yeah, so thats life. Ada masa kita diberi hujan dan ada masa kita diberi pelangi. it depends on us how we react to the surrounding. Kalau kita positif dan terima dengan redha insha Allah segalanya akan baik tetapi kalau sebaliknya, hidup kita akan dipenuhi dengan pandang sisi negatif sampai satu saat kita tak nampak dimana positif hidup kita sebenarnya.

Allahumma soyyiban nafian. Ya Allah jadikan hujan in bermanfaat bagiku. :)

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